2019 Lab Member Achievements


Boris won the Anne Scott Award of $2500 to support his senior year research titled, "Asian parenting styles and socioemotional development of Chinese immigrant children

Chris, Kristy, Xinyi, and Leo

Chris, Kristy, Xinyi, Leo will be presenting a poster titled "Associations between Language, Executive Functioning and Parental Scaffolding among Immigrant Mexican American Families" at the Graduate School of Education Annual Education Research Day

Tim and Megan

Tim and Megan wrote a scientific poster and got accepted to the Bay Area Affective Science Research Conference 2019! We will be presenting a poster titled, "Links Between Parental Reactions to Children’s Negative Emotions, Children’s Emotion Knowledge and Psychosocial Adjustment


Leo will be spending his summer in Florida at the Moffitt Cancer Center - SPARK program researching tobacco-relapse prevention in Latino communities.


Xinyi will be conducting her independent research project as an honors student her senior year. She is interested in how parenting strategies affect children's emotion regulation


Kristy was selected to receive the Warner Brown Award for the 2018-19 academic year. She will be acknowledged at the annual Psychology Department Commencement Ceremony.


Taylor is conducting her senior thesis titled, " Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Consequential Goals".


Sofía will be completing her honors thesis next semester focusing on developmental psychopathology, analyzing the influence of cultural factors and parental emotion expressivity/ emotion beliefs on children and adolescents’ internalizing and externalizing problems.


Melissa will have her paper titled "School culture and its effect on extracurricular participation in Hong Kong" published in the Internal Journal of Education Policy and Leadership! This article focuses on four main categories within school culture: school and student profile, participation requirements, activity availability, and school mission and academic emphasis. Through a qualitative study, she analyzed how each of these affects Hong Kong local students' ability and willingness to participate in extracurricular activities.