Project LEAD: Language and Emotion  in Chinese- and Mexican- American Preschoolers

This pilot study seeks to understand the relations among language, emotion, and cognition in the development of emotion regulation among monolingual and bilingual children. Our participants are American and Mexican American children (aged 3 to 5 years) and their families from Head Start Preschool programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will assess children’s language proficiency, emotion regulation, and effortful control (as a potential mediator in the relation between bilingual status and emotion regulation) using a battery of standardized tasks, and collect measures on family environment and children’s socio-emotional development using parent interviews. 

With the rapid growth of bilingual and language minority children in the United States, the project has the potential to inform educational and clinical practices aimed at promoting socio-emotional adjustment and academic competence in bilingual and language minority children.

This study is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yuuko Uchikoshi at UC-Davis and Dr. Carlos Valiente at Arizona State University.


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